Alumni Office


The Graduate Tracking Office was setup to enable the School of Medical Sciences – KNUST Alumni Association keep in contact with its graduates over the years, maintain some form of interaction between alumni and generate ideas to advance the course of both alumni and the School of Medical Sciences – KNUST.

Currently available resources:

The Graduate Tracking Office is currently resourced with a well-furnished office, a Graduate Tracking coordinator backed by the IT Unit of SMS, and a computer with its accessories.


The Graduate Tracking Office and its resources would be best put to use when all Alumni of SMS actively participate in the various events, activities and exercises that will be outlined by the Alumni Association. Without the active cooperation of alumni, the resources of the Office would be underutilised.


The Alumni Association should be marketed and promoted using adverts, posters and fliers; and these are to be placed on strategic notice boards at the various hospitals and medical centres where there are likely to be SMS alumni. There is also a website in development which will help advertise the Alumni association globally on the World Wide Web when launched.

Organising and hosting of regular events by the various Year Groups and the Alumni association as a whole would also help improve the Association’s visibility greatly.